EV2RAY Apk download | Advanced features of v2ray vpn

EV2RAY Apk download | Advanced features of v2ray VPN

Ev2Ray VPN APK download functions & features For Android user details from the (ePro Dev team) developers

So welcome to the New And Fresh Article Of A New VPN ev2ray apk about another best VPN and this VPN is very simple and fast v2ray+shadowsocks and SSL, VMES are very fast and advanced cool features and developments in applications…

Ev2ray application is also secure like other VPNs it gives you almost all of its features in the one page one platform so, in other words, we can say about it’s a one-page application Are a one page VPN so I will tell you everything about this VPN so read it till the last if you want to find a VPN who have some option and simple interface so this is why ev2ray VPN is best…

Ev2ray apk Some Information

EV2ray is a VPN that Provide you suffering the internet privately and securely it also allows you to import external files and modify the network for your purpose

Features of ev2ray VPN app

Simple Interface

Easy To Use

Small In Size

V2Ray Client


User friendly

Enable DNS

DNS Forwarding

Night Theme Mode

Graph Speed Network

JSON Editor

Graph Speed Network

The Most Interesting And useful feature of this VPN is the graph speed meter it shows you the speed of your internet connection when you connected to this VPN in the graph it shows you two types of line one is uploading Speed and another one showing the downloading speed of your internet the color of the line is blue and Red the blue one is showing downloading speed and the red one is showing the uploading speed…

Ev2ray from ePro Secure And Private

By using this ev2ray VPN you can browse privately and securely it provides you privacy with a fast connection and doesn’t worry about your data like picture audio videos it’s very safe because the app is launched in play store and everybody knows protection data policies Of google play store so won’t worry about that…

if you’re using a public Wi-Fi or a personal Wi-Fi network so it’s also protecting you from viruses and different attacks e.t.c

How To Use ev2ray VPN

So Now I Will Tell You About The Usage Process of this VPN it’s Very Simple First of All Open The VPN And Import Configuration Files On This VPN And Clicks On Connect Button and Your VPN Is Running

How To Import Configuration File

For importing File These Steps Are Must Be Followed By You

First Of All Open The App

Click On the Plus icon

Find and import the file correctly

Now click on connect button

How To Download ev2ray apk

For Downloading the ev2ray VPN click on the download button given at the end of this article it redirects you to the play store and it looks like the blue download button tap on it and tap also install button to install this VPN and after installing processor is completed you can enjoy faster service with the secure connection of ev2ray VPN app.

Get your app here

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