How to tamper with messages (SockTunnel)

How to tamper with messages(wiretun)

In today’s IT age, you spend more and more time alerting someone than you like. This means that you can not only flirt with the person during the meeting, but you can also be through texting. If you want to flirt with text, you need to know how to say it in one or two sentences in a way that is fun, interesting, and engaging. Check out the following tutorial on how to tamper with text…

Be creative, try something new

It’s hard to be yourself when sending texts, so the person you want to flirt with will be impressed if you can still show who you are. When you text this special person on the phone, you should bring something that other people can’t say but you can. This will arouse the interest of the person and they will respond to you immediately. Would like to answer
Make this person laugh. Start with a funny start about something you’ve seen recently, or an old story.
Observe wisely. Your ex will answer your questions. So take the opportunity to flirt with your humor.
Be yourself Say what no one but you can say…

Ask an open question

When the open question ends, the former may give you a short yes or no answer. Asking like this makes the person realize that you don’t just want to text, but you want to lengthen the conversation and take care of his thoughts, to impress and tease him.
Short question Just ask the person what happened during the day or week, such as his friend’s birthday party or if his trip was fun.
Ask open-ended questions. Don’t ask questions with simple “yes” or “okay” answers. Give this person a chance to express their thoughts and ask you other questions.
Don’t ask “too” openly. Don’t ask philosophical questions that he doesn’t know how to answer. They will be overwhelmed by your text and do not want to continue talking.
Don’t be a painful messenger. If you ask “How is it going?” Or “How are you?” Be yourself when you ask questions.
Become a caring person If you know that this person had something important on the first day, send us a text showing how interested you are…

Pay attention to your spelling and grammar

This may sound silly and irrelevant, but when you visit this person you will also dress and clean your hair. So when sending messages you should also make sure to use the correct punctuation and remember to write the whole sentence.
If you send a messy message, you don’t seem to be interested in them, so you won’t take the time to re-read them.
You do not need to write at all. Just swipe once before sending your message…

Don’t be too heavy

Be skilled in starting texting, you don’t need more than that to let this person know that you are struggling to write. Feel free to send messages at the right time and don’t think about it. You don’t have to spend more than a minute deciding which text is the best to send your wish.
Make sure you don’t always text all the time. If you are always a pioneer, it means that the person is not too enthusiastic to talk to you. Calm down sometimes and wait for the person to talk to you first
Don’t try too hard to be funny. If your ex finds out that you spend hours writing an open summary, it won’t help.
Remember that tampering with text is no different than tampering with a person. Just relax and unwind if you want to flirt successfully…

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