PIXEL LAB app download and editing Advance features for mobile | pixel lab app text on pictures by App Holdings

PIXEL LAB app download and editing Advance features for mobile | pixel lab app text on pictures by App Holdings

Pixellab Best Photo Editing App For Android nowadays it is very famous for its amazing skills by there developers…

So hi friends welcome to another article in this article I will tell you about the best and the fastest photo and text editing app for Android you are a photo editor so you can also know about the pixel lab app because it is very popular for photo editing (for any social or personal platform) in mobile so in this article I will tell you about the function and usage Of pixel lab app from App holdings…

Information of pixellab apk

Incredible app it has everything you need to make an awesome photo it’s changed the world of smartphone graphic with its lots of features it gives you to great image output wonderful reservation it’s the best so far as a graphic designer you can use this

You can also make the 3D text on this app also create memes easily so this is a very helpful app in every feature

Features of pixel lab

Simple Interface

Default backgrounds

Change fonts options

Change color

Change background-color

Adding images

Different Sizes

3D Text

Make image transparent

Cut and add images

Chose picture editing resolution

Add custom fonts you want

Transparent png

Opacity fonts different designs

E.t.c it is a modern era of photo editing

How To Use pixel lab photo editing app

For Editing Photos

If you want to add a photo on pixel lab so I can tell you how you can do that first of all open the pixel lab app and click on the plus I can give on the homepage of the pixel lab on the top left side.

Add your image and if your images are added now you can edit your image with the different text also change the background of the image and you can also make a transparent image by using pixel lab

You Can also change the brightness of the image add text on the picture make 3D photos and lots of nature have on this software if using you can Now Time By Time

Making Thumbnails for youtube

If you want to make a thumbnail and your usage purpose of pixelled is just making thumbnail so I can also tell you how you can make a thumbnail on pixel lab at first of all set the regulation of thumbnail the fixed resolution of Thumbnail is 1280 × 720 size (most used)

Then do your work on the size and make your Thumbnail then click on the export option and set your image quality and again click on the export option and your Thumbnail Is saved in your mobile

How To Make Only 3D Text pixel lab

For making 3D Text enter your text and then

Click on the 3D Text Option if you click on the 3D Text Option Now You Can change the color make setting and save your project on this and click on export

How To Download pixel lab

For Downloading Click on the download button given at the end of this article if you click on the download button, it will take you to the Play store and after you go to the play store click on the install button your application is installed within seconds so after the installing process is completed you can easily use this app its a very amazing abilities app for graphic designer every function of pixelled will teach you a lot.

Download App

App file 1

App file 2

App file 3

App file 4

App file 5

App file 6

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