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TECHNOLOGY effects and impacts on our daily life

Today we are going to talk about the disadvantages of technology. We will start with some interesting incidents. There is no doubt that technology has a great impact on our society which is both good and bad. If you are a mentor, let’s start.

Elections in Pakistan

When elections were held in Pakistan at one time, a man hid the head of a Maulvi with the body of actress Anjuman Jo, a Punjabi actress, in Photoshop and printed it in a newspaper. It is obvious that instead of this picture being spread all over Pakistan, it would never have been possible without the involvement of technology.

Technology and film industry

Earlier, when the film industry was started in India, the melodious voices of singers were important, which made them famous all over India, but over time, some inventions brought artists, but the melodious voice went away. Any guy comes and modern music material makes his voice very attractive Such use of technology has caused great damage to the best and attractive voice… Gradually, original artists are disappearing from the industry.

Books vs ebooks

Wow, what a time it was. I used to fall asleep while reading a book and today I fall asleep watching a mobile phone, which also damages our eyes. If someone is reading an ebook instead of videos, it is the same thing. And ebooks are getting a lot of popularity instead of books. The thing is that a large number of people who read books are also migrating to ebooks…

Vehicle and factories

It used to be a long and short journey on foot. Now, as the distances have narrowed, it is very useful to save time. Today’s man is also slowing down. There are increasing health problems among the people from cars and factories. Not only we but also the animals seem to be affected by the smoke.

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