Affiliate Marketing the money source, How to make money with affiliate marketing (part1) Ha Tun

Affiliate Marketing the money source, How to make money with affiliate marketing (part 1)

No doubt this world is going to make everything digital technology is very fast than over approach in this graph I am going to discuss and cover all major parts of affiliate marketing if you are trying to make money online then I am going to article for you, Affiliate marketing is very powerful income source and biggest money-making online field I will cover this in parts, so let’s start…

Affiliate marketing involves the promotion of specific products, services, or sites in exchange for a portion of the profits or commissions on the generated web traffic. Any referrals or web traffic from an affiliate that brings sales gives you a profit as an affiliate. In other words, if the goods and services are provided by another person or company, and you, as a participant in an affiliate program, create only one store in the sales market. And while there are no successful schemes for affiliate marketing, many people do it successfully. Find out how to make money on affiliate programs and determine if this area of ​​activity is interesting and promising for you…

1 Decide on the (profession/business?sites) General

There are two types of business models that members of affiliate marketing programs use. The model you choose depends on how familiar you are with the products or services you want to promote.

Communication sites usually include a link or banner ad from an affiliate website in their training articles and publications.

This business model requires frequent content updates to get customers to the site regularly.

Websites with reviews and definitions about products and services describe a product or service that has been tried or tested by a partner. Each product or service review usually includes a link or banner that sends the buyer to an affiliate site. The advantage of such sites is that they do not need to be updated frequently.

2 Make your website

To make money on programs, you’ll need your platform (personal website or blog) where you can post links and ads for selected products and services. If you already have your website or blog, you can use this platform to generate additional revenue from affiliate programs. If you do not yet have your website or blog, you need to create a website.

The advantage of blogging (for example, on Blogger) is that it is completely free while building a website costs money. However, services like and Hostgator offer relatively inexpensive sites to manage. Overall, the site looks more professional than a personal blog. If your ultimate goal is to make money from your blog, feel free to choose hosting. In that case, the blog will be your property. You register a subdomain *. If you want to use your name, you have to pay for hosting. gives you complete freedom to download tools and themes from multiple platforms, customize your blog design, monetize blog content, and much more.

Join the affiliate programs network. An easy way to start affiliate marketing is to register on a website that acts as a mediator between the partners (webmasters) and the affiliate program. Even if you’re ultimately working on your own, sites like AdMedit allow budding webmasters to join for free. Then you need to select the sources of traffic (contextual ads, social networks, email newsletters) to attract interested users to the advertising website.

Some sites allow you to use paid click affiliate programs without running your site or blog. Direct links to external merchant sites allow you to monetize ads without having to publish them on your site. For example, you can place an ad on a dating site on Facebook or Vkontakte, and when someone clicks on your ad they will go directly to that dating site, not to your site or landing page. Some affiliate networks that specialize in direct linking are ad maker, biz click, click ice….(Next part will be posted soon).

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